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Anonymous Hints

Tell someone what they need to hear!

Do you know someone who has really bad breath but are too afraid to let them know for fear of insulting them?

Do you know someone that has a bad body odor problem?

Or maybe you have a annoying co worker who talks way too loud on the phone and gets on everyone’s nerves!

Get revenge on the people who deserve it!

Would you like to get revenge on a ex boyfriend or girlfriend?

Do you work for a real prick as a Boss and would love to get revenge for the way they have treated you?

Or maybe you have a real ass as a next door neighbor.

Inform someone of important information!

Have something you would like to get off your chest?

Have important information that someone should know but don't know how to inform them?

Do you know of someone's cheating wife or husband?

Send them an anonymous hint e-card to let them know exactly what they need to hear. Most people will correct these problems once they are made aware of them. Think of it as helping someone with their problems!

Of course you will be sending it anonymously to save yourself and your victim the embarrassment of doing it face to face.

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Some recent recipients of an Anonymous Hint

"When I first Got an Anonymous Hint ecard I was a little Pissed off, But after I cooled off I realized I did have a slight weight problem. Now look at me! Thank you whoever sent my Anonymous Hint and most of all, Thank you for making it possible!" Hugh Jardon - previously Hoboken, NJ. now South Beach, FL.

"F*** U, Whoever sent it! And F*** U" Name withheld

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